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Phelios Review

" This is an old school 2D shooter game. Rescue Artemis from the monstrous Typhon. "

Phelios is an oldschool 2D helicopter game.

Phelios places you in the role of Apollo. Your mission is to attain the legendary sword Phelios and rescue Artemis from the monstrous Typhon. The last type of game that you'd expect to have a plot like this would probably be a shoot 'em up, but that's exactly what Phelios is - and it's a darn good one at that.

Monstrosities ranging from Medusa and Cerberus to the three blind old ladies in "Clash of the Titans" show up in Phelios. Your task is to destroy these abominations, and your trusty horse Pegasus accompanies you on your quest. Far from being your ordinary mammal, Pegasus is a fantastic winged beast, and he also represents your mode of transportation in the game.

There are two levels of difficulty that you can try out: Novice and Advanced. Phelios game is hard enough on Novice, but the only way to access the final three stages of the game (as well as the ending sequence) is by playing on Advanced. And if you happen to have your hands full with the Novice mode, try not to think about the fact that things don't really start to get rough until the level following the final stage of Novice mode.

Phelios consists of seven stages in all. In between levels, Apollo views an image of Artemis as she speaks of the pain and suffering she is enduring at the hands of Typhon. Not only do Artemis' words appear on the screen, but also implemented a voice for her in the game.


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