Shadow Warrior 1.2


Software Specifications

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12.68 MB
License [?]:
$10.00 USD
Last Updated:
Shooters Software
Apogee Software, Ltd.
Operating System:
DOS Windows 95 Windows 98
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 66Mhz, 16MB RAM, 60MB HD space, 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card, VGA 256 color
Not available

Shadow Warrior Review

" Use huge 3D rotating gun turrets to mow down opponents. "

Lo Wang. Master ninja assassin for 20 years. A Shadow Warrior. Shadow warriors are the best of the best, and Lo Wang was the best of the Shadow warriors. Every top company in Japan had a shadow warrior... a protector, a negotiator, a cleaner.

Lo Wang worked for Zilla Enterprises, a conglomerate with control in every major industry. Too much control. Power corrupts, and Master Zilla's corporation was corrupted to the core.

Lo Wang discovered Master Zilla's demonic scheme to rule Japan, using creatures summoned from the dark side. A man of honor, Lo Wang quit. But one as powerful as Wang either must be on your side, or on no one's side. Master Zilla unleashes his creations for their first test: to kill a single man, a shadow warrior.. Lo Wang!


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