Delta Force - Black Hawk Down


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132.00 MB
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$14.99 USD
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Shooters Software
NovaLogic, Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium III 733 MHz, 32 MB Video Card, 750 MB hard drive space, 256MB RAM
Not available

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Review

" Experience the intense combat of Operation Restore Hope in this ground breaking first person shooter. "

The demo will feature one single player mission entitled "Diplomatic Immunity." The objective of the mission is to recapture a UN building being held by Habr Gadir militia.

Delta Teams 2 and 5 insert by helicopter and must locate and secure hostages before escorting them to a waiting convoy for extraction.

A new multiplayer map, playable over the NovaWorld Games Network and via LAN, will also be included featuring the Team Capture the Flag game type. Entitled "Bridge over the Jubba River," the level is an open terrain map that has several bridges across the river and green rolling hills. To reach the enemy's flags, players will need to cross the river by either securing one of the bridges or swimming across the water.

This Delta Force - Black Hawk Down demo includes both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.


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