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Software Specifications

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671.88 MB
License [?]:
$9.99 USD
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Racing Software
jalada GmbH
Operating System:
Additional Requirements:
G5 (or better) or Intel Mac, 64 MB graphic card, 1.5 GB free hard disk, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
60 minutes gameplay.

jalada Ultimate Racing Review

" Imagine the experience of being a race driver. "

Prepare for a racing experience so immersive and real that it just might make players better or at least much faster drivers in real life. The adrenaline rush of driving at ultimate speeds, the pressure of fierce competition, the fear of losing control and the intense concentration needed to harness the power of speeding chrome and steel.

In jalada Ultimate Racing, players enter a world of high-definition, high-speed races and take control of the wheel in a variety of racing modes. Take your Mac for a real test drive with a racing game that shows you what a Mac can really do! jalada Ultimate Racing brings you more speed, excitement and gameplay variety than ever before in the world of high-definition, high-speed races.

With graphics optimized for modern graphic cards, jalada Ultimate Racing features more than 40 different cars, more than 30 tracks, 50 opponents to race against, and with jalada Ultimate Racing you can choose between different types of races from simple practice sessions up to complete championships. Through the combination of accurate, accessible physics-based model, cockpit view, damage model, lighting, smoke, skid marks, aerodynamics and glowing brake disks you'll be thrust into the driver's seat.

Start your engine and immerse yourself with "jalada Ultimate Racing" into a new great driving experience.


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