Arkanizer 1.1


Software Specifications

Arkanizer Screenshot
Editor Rating
1.58 MB
License [?]:
$12.00 USD
Last Updated:
Breakout-type and Arkanoid Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 200, 32MB RAM
14-day trial, some options disabled.

Arkanizer Review

" Great old game Arkanoid aka Breakout with many new features, tricks and levels. "

A great old game Arkanoid, also known as Breakout, supplemented with many new features, dozens of levels and funny look and feel. You will surely spend some pleasant hours with this amazing arcade game.

The goal of this game is to clean all the blots from the clipboard. In order to do it - you will be guiding a little blot with an eraser to large blots. At the beginning of every level the clipboard is bestrewed with different blots. There are too many different types of blots, awards, tricks, bonuses and everything else you would find in a cool arcade game, to list here.

Just download it and try for yourself. There are 100 different levels available (in unregistered version you will be able to access only five of them) and three different skill levels (in unregistered version you can play only on Amateur skill level). Skill levels differ one from another by the game levels and a number of points you have to get in order to receive an extra life.

In addition to all of this in registered version there is one extra play mode. It's called Free Pick. In this mode you can choose the level you want to play using Page Up and Page Down keys. Note that even if you play with the mouse you still have to use the keys mentioned above to switch between the levels.

When you register your game, you get some nice features enabled:

* All skill levels are available.

* Autosave helps you to continue your game at any time.

* Nag-screens do not bother you anymore.

* Free technical support by e-mail.


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