Crazy Snake 1.01

Software Specifications

Crazy Snake Screenshot
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641 KB
License [?]:
$8.95 USD
Last Updated:
3-D, Arcade and Action Software
Handy Masters .Inc
Operating System:
Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
Pocket PC Device with a strong ARm or XScale(Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002)
Not available

Crazy Snake Review

" A new modified PPC version of the traditional Nokia Snake II game. "

Crazy Snake is a new modified PPC version of the traditional Nokia Snake II game. It's a more entertaining release for PPC of the traditional Nokia Snake. The object is simple. You must guide your snake across the screen and feed him apples. The snake becomes longer as its eats, so you must keep him from hitting his own tail. You'll have one life before the game requires you to start over. The whole aspect of Crazy Snake is to entertain. It's changed in the mind of graphics. The original Snake was a line that crept around a small box. Now in Crazy snake you can see the actual mouth of the snake opening to eat the apples. The program features basic keyboard controls that may be customized to your liking. You can control the snake with the key PAD. It will crawl straight into the current direction until you change its direction with a key-press. With a colorful interface and addictive game play, HandyMasters presents to you yet another definite masterpiece.

Handy Masters resurrects the original snake theme and puts a brand new life into it. The idea was to add some spice to the well-known classic while maintaining the same theme. Handy Masters promises a completely dynamic new look with astonishing game play and unprecedented playability in this release of Crazy Snake. You will find HandyMasters' Snake game installed on most pocket PCs. For the uninitiated: Players direct a snake around a box, gobbling up bits of "food," which makes the snake longer and more difficult to maneuver.


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