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3-D, Arcade and Action Software
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Batman - Revenge of the Joker Review

" The Jokes lives again in this action game. "

While the life of a multi-millionaire may sound easy and carefree, don't tell that to Bruce Wayne. He may be one of the richest men in the world, but he's also got a secret, he's Batman. Fighting against all that is evil, Batman is constantly chasing after his archenemies and keeping Gotham safe. It seems that the Joker has stolen a huge quantity of precious metals used as explosives in missiles. Now it's up to the Dark Knight to take to the streets and thwart the Joker's plans...whatever they may be. As you battle the Joker's henchmen, you'll have a wide assortment of weapons at your disposal: batarangs, sonic neutralizers, shield stars, and a crossbow. Even though the Joker always has a smile on his face, the safety of Gotham City is no laughing matter, are you up to the challenge?

You are equipped with Batarangs, sonic neutralizers, shield stars, and a crossbow as you battle the The Joker and his evil henchmen. The seven levels of play in this game take place at dangerous locations, including an old sky-high cathedral, The Joker's warehouse, a snowy mountain, a refinery, an underground conduit, an ammunition base, and a jungle island. A passcode feature lets you save your progress in the game, eliminating the need to repeat earlier levels every time you start a new game.

This game is one of the few Batman games that was not based directly on a movie or television series.

Batman: Revenge of the Joker features:

* You're Batman
* Battle the Joker's evil henchmen
* Use your Bat-weapons
* Seven levels of action
* The fate of Gotham City is in your hands


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