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3-D, Arcade and Action Software
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Two Crude Dudes Review

" Post-apocalyptic platform fighter in the same vein as Double Dragon. "

Two Crude Dudes also know as Crude Busters - all non-American markets.

New York 2010 A.D.

Nuclear explosions of unknown origin have hit New York City. The City was thrown into chaos, and the massive Metropolis was all but destroyed.

Now, 20 years later.

The city has issued an ordinance that no one can enter or exit the contaminated city. High above, in the lone remaining skyscraper, a mad scientist is conducting experiments on helpless, mutated victims, transforming them into killing machines.

The government has hired you on as a mercenary to exterminate the hordes of gun-wielding beasts that are polluting the city, no small task, to be certain. Luckily, you have a partner, and together you are known as Two Crude Dudes. Pick up enemies, weapons, and other objects, then throw them, utilize them, or just crush them to bits.

Various pieces of scenery can be launched at the marauding enemy hordes, from the run-of-the-mill (rocks and oil drums) to the more outlandish (burnt-out cars, or even traffic lights that can be thrown like javelins) this feature adds extra variety and spice to the proceedings. In addition to this, the enemies can be plucked up and used as projectiles against their unsuspecting colleagues. There is a nice amount of variety in the enemies themselves - the standard grunts look like they belong in cheesy B-movies, all long dark hair and black goatees, but the more inspired enemies include hunchbacked midgets, purple Santas whose sacks contain rather explosive treats, and bombers with faces that seem to have been based on Frankenstein's Monster.

The bosses, too, have a great deal of variety to them - they include a boar/human hybrid, a Freddie Kruger wannabe, and a cyborg with a meaner left hook than John Prescott. Although the strategies required for felling these foes remains pretty much unchanged throughout the game, each battle is immensely enjoyable.

Onward, Two Crude Buster! Let nothing defeat you!

Two Crude Dudes features:

* A great story
* Massive levels
* Awesome firepower
* Deadly enemies
* Two-player action


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