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3-D, Arcade and Action Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
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Not available

Born to be Big Review

" The vast expanses of the ocean are open to you! "

A small fish is born in the vast expanses of the ocean. It is full of hungry fish ready to eat the other defenseless underwater creatures.

Take control of the small fish, who must be able to stand up for itself to survive. The more this small fish eats, the bigger and more experienced it becomes.

Get a definite number of scores for each eaten fish. You can increase your abilities, restrict movement, add or lose scores by eating other things. The vast expanses of the ocean are open to you: Feel Freedom!

Join your counterparts from all over the world and beat your best score! If your score is among the Top 10, you can upload it to our Web site and thousands of other players all over the world will be able to see your highscore! Are you up for the challenge? Download BORN TO BE BIG and Play for Free!


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