Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy! 1.4

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$20.00 USD
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3-D, Arcade and Action Software
Apogee Software, Ltd.
Operating System:
DOS Windows 95 Windows 98
Additional Requirements:
XT Computer, 565k conventional memory
Not available

Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy! Review

" Help Billy Blaze defend the galaxy in this platform arcade. "

Eight year old Kid genius, Billy Blaze, is in his backyard fort testing out his newly built Photachyon Transceiver. Simply put, it's an instantaneous radio that can pick up signals anywhere in the galaxy.

While listening to an alien sitcom, "My Favorite Yorp", Billy hears a disturbing message. Bzzt...grdddz...oment of great triumph...ferrrt... ast the Milky Way will be..zzz...terly estroyed...buzzt...can stop us now. We will remake...biipp...galaxy in the name...zzzzt...of the Gannalech. Power to the race! the Shikadi!...bizzp! "So the Shikadi are planning to destroy the galaxy, huh?", thinks Billy. "Sounds like a job for... Commander Keen!"

In episode one (episode four, overall of all the Keen games), "Secret of the Oracle", Keen rockets to an alien planet to rescue the Keepers of the Oracle, who are the only ones capable of helping Keen find out more about the Shikadi. Who are the Shikadi and why are they planning to use our Galaxy as target practice!

After completing the mission in episode one, Keen learns of the Shikadi's enormous ship, which doubles as the largest weapon ever built. So in episode two, titled "The Armageddon Machine", Keen faces his greatest challenge yet--to save the Galaxy!

Both episode one "Secret of the Oracle", and episode two "The Armageddon Machine", are packed with exciting features, but episode two is a much bigger game.


- Incredible smooth scrolling EGA graphics (VGA compatible) and animation

- Tilted perspective--gives all levels the appearance of depth & fullness

- 1.6 Megs graphics for episode one, a lot more in episode two.

- Ad Lib soundtrack.

- 14 creatures in episode one, 20 all-new creatures in episode two.

- Three skill levels, which actually add new creatures to the game.

- Ending animated sequence.

- Hundreds and hundreds of screens to explore, with HUGE levels.

- Keen has new abilities, such as hanging onto ledges and pulling himself up.


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