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PrepAway CompTIA Security+ Test - SY0-501 Exam Review

" Successfully obtaining the certification of CompTIA Security+ implies that you have an entry-level knowledge in the sphere of IT security. "

Why Is CompTIA Security+ Certification Good for Cyber Security Professionals

Successfully obtaining the certification of CompTIA Security+ implies that you have an entry-level knowledge in the sphere of IT security. If you are a professional in security with this certificate, you are expected to have at least two years of experience in the world of IT with security as your specialization. But the need for the two years' experience is not strictly necessary in comparison with the other security certifications.

CompTIA Security+ has been globally known for the past few years and this certification makes you highly attractive to many companies. For example, the United States Department of Defense has recently released directive 8570 stating the CompTIA Security+ certification is now one of the minimum criteria for the active duty civilians, personnel and contractors. Certain terms and conditions specifically emphasize that a contract may be signed only with a person possessing the CompTIA Security+ certification. As a matter of fact, having this kind of certificate is an extra advantage to your resume and can open more doors of opportunity for you.

How CompTIA Security+ started

The PrepAway CompTIA Security+ Practice Test - Certification Exam Questions SY0-501 is the best way to prep. The Security+ credential began with the SY0-101 exam that was updated to SY0-201 in 2008. In 2011, it was reviewed and expanded to the SY0-301 version. As if this was not enough, it was eventually updated to SY0-401 in May 2014. But the SY0-401 test will retire on July 31. A new exam code for the Security+ certificate is SY0-501.

The question is what exam version should one take in order to get the certification of CompTIA Security+? You will get the same certification if you take the SY0-401 or SY0-501 exams, but the CompTIA certificate must always be renewed within 36 months to preserve the validity. This renewal is strictly applicable to the Security+ credential while there is some flexibility in other CompTIA certifications.

Ways of CompTIA Security+ renewal

Fundamentally, there are two requirements for renewing the CompTIA Security+ certification:
  1. Having at least 50 CEUs

    There are many ways for you to get CEUs. For instance, if you take the courses that are not for degrees or go for training sessions related to security, it will fetch you 1 CEU for every hour of the training with a maximum of 40 CEUs. Taking 40 hours of the SSCP training course will fetch you 40 CEUs. Also, you can get as much as 20 CEUs if you can create and present a material related to IT security. Every hour spent on creating such material fetches you 2 CEUs while the presentation of the material will fetch you 1 CEU. Various activities have various requirements for submission. For instance, if you attend a class, you must be able to offer a comprehensive training, the content coverage, dates, duration and evidence of completion.

    Furthermore, it is possible to earn a total of 50 CEUs if you have gained a certification of higher level. There are lots of certifications of a higher level, such as Cisco CCNA Security, Microsoft MCSE or MCSA, SANS GSE, ISC2 SSCP or CISSP, SCP SCNP, and ISACA CISA.

  2. Paying a fee of $49, or $147 for the whole period of 36 months

    In this case you are expected to gain 50 CEUs within three years. For instance, you can have 10 credits in the first year and then 20 credits in the second and then get some more for a total of 50 credits. But apart from submitting your CEUs to CompTIA for evaluation you also have to pay the fee. If you do not get your CEUs within the first two years and you want to submit the whole 50 CEUs during the third year, you will still need to pay $147. After that, your CEUs will be evaluated to make sure that they meet the requirements. After this you will get the certification for the next 36 months again.

Why is CompTIA Security+ good for you?

If you have not yet received your CompTIA Security+ certification, there is no better time than now. But first you need to familiarize yourself with the factors below.
  • Long history

    The CompTIA Security+ certification is reaching its tenth anniversary. Some people may think that ten years is quite a short term but bear in mind that Security+ was launched before Facebook and YouTube. In the sphere of IT security, ten years is a lot. The IT security industry has grown within ten years and now focuses on the new aspects of risk management, identity management and governance.

  • Respect of industry for CompTIA Security+

    The fact that something is older does not always mean it is better. But the CompTIA Security+ certification is known to be vendor neutral. They are not biased, and the certificate does not promote or greatly depend on a heavy familiarity of a particular vendor.

  • Public sector endorsement

    The CompTIA Security+ certification is not just for the private companies but the public sector as well. There is a remarkable difference in how the private and public sectors evaluate this CompTIA certificate. Meanwhile, it looks like it reflects a growing respect for Security+ and by this, the investment in this to gain the certification is bound to pay off.

  • Exam improvements

    Obviously, CompTIA is improving its certification quality from one edition to another thereby enhancing the exam takers' skills.

  • Surge in credibility

    Holders of the CompTIA Security+ certification have to carry out progressive practice as they record CEUs - a series of activities like teaching, attending conferences, or publishing.

With all of the above mentioned factors, now is the right time to get the CompTIA Security+ certification, so don't postpone and make haste to secure your seat and enroll for the exam.

PrepAway CompTIA Security+ Test - SY0-501 Exam includes:
  • Premium File 354 Questions and Answers

  • Training Course 121 Lectures

  • Study Guide 655 Pages



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