EngCalc (Structural) Palm OS 1.2


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$14.99 USD
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Science and Engineering Software
3GR Technologies
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PalmOS 3.0 to 5.x
Not available

EngCalc (Structural) Palm OS Review

" The best selling program for structural engineers now with new reference tables and Evaluator. "

Momentous electrial engineering formulae.

- Property Tables.
- Constant Values.
- New look Sceintifc Evaluator.
- Material properties. Mechanical, Physical and Thermal.
- Periodic chart of Elements.
- Inplace unit conversion to switch between US and Metric units.

FREE! MxCalc (worth $4.99, embedded in the program)

Unit Coverter - The most comprehensive unit converter utility tool. Comes with over 1000+ Units and 10000+ conversions. Can add more to it. Award winning tool.

Scientific Evaluator - Superlative collection of Operators and instant reference to recent calculations. Memory functions etc.

FREE! Property Tables (worth $2.99)

Aluminum Shapes Properties, Steel Shapes Properties.

A must have for Structural Engineering professionals and students. A Palm software empowers you instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will vanish, there by increasing efficiency. This means you will have more time to analyze your information and make better informed decisions, thus helping professional maintain a competitive edge and helping students to excel in their academics.

List of Calculators - Cantilever with Uniform Load Distribution, Cantilever with Triangular Load Distribution, Cantilever with Intermediate Load (xa), Simply Supported With Uniform Load Distribution, Simply Supported with Center Load(x <= L/2), Simply Supported with Two Equidistant Loads(x>L-a), Reactions, Moment, Deflection for fixed beam (uniform load), Reactions, Moment, Deflection for beam fixed at one end (uniform load), Torsion Bars(Steel Torsion), Average Pipe Weight, Torsional Stress on a Shaft, Reactions, Moment, Deflection for simply supported beam (center load) and more.


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