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$14.95 USD
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WAGWARE Systems, Inc.
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PalmOS 3.1 (or Higher/Incl. PalmOS 5.x)
Not available

DateDecode (For PalmOS) Review

" This program helps determine the date of an item. "

Do you like going like car auctions, garage sales or antique auctions? Are you a car enthusiast that would like to know more about a car from the VIN Number? If so, this powerful program helps you to determine the age of an item.

DateDecode includes three tools for determining the age and a built-in database for recording the items you have found. Those tools are: a VIN Decoder, Patent Decoder and Roman numeral converter. All of this in one easy to use program.

DateDecode includes the following Features:

* Determine the year a vehicle vehicle was manufactured (from the VIN Number)

* Enter a Patent number and see the year the patent was issued (Supports U.S. Utility, Design and Reissue Patents)

* Convert between Roman numerals and numbers (or numbers to Roman)

* Calculate the age of an item from any of the above methods

* Save the item into ItemPad along with a useful set of fields for additional details about the item.

* A useful note tool that includes many quick-notes to the ItemPad record.

* VIN Decoder also validates the checksum character to make sure that the VIN number entered is correct. This is also useful for law enforcement agencies/emergency personnel to detect a VIN number that may have been tampered.

* VIN Decoder supports the Symbol SPT and CSM barcode scanners for entering the VIN number from a vehicles barcode.

* The VIN Decoder can also determine the country of origin, manufacturer and sequence off the production line.

* Much more...

Try This: Download DateDecode to your handheld, walk out to your car and enter the VIN Number into the VIN Decoder (VIN is usually in the driver-side window or a label inside the passenger door). Next tap the 'Decode' button to tell you about your car.


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