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$24.99 USD
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Mutex Developments
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
CPU 486, Video 256, 16MMB RAM, 3MB HDD

TimePuter Review

" Pope Gregory's ultimate time calculator. "

Pope Gregory revolutionized the modern calendar, but he never conceived a 21st Century time calculator like this!

Just think of how much time that you have spent trying to figure out dates and times based on the number of days, hours, or even seconds! How about calculating the number of months or weeks between two centuries! Obtaining complete information about a date and a time! Creating a detailed report in a form of a handy template! Now all this can be done with a few clicks by using TimePuter!

We value time, and that is why we have created just for you, TimePuter!

Version 2.1 Features:
+ Calculate a period of time based on start and final dates and present it as overall results of a start and final date/time calculation, and a particular result of a start and final date/time calculation
+ Calculate the difference of the start date/time and input data and the sum of the start date/time and input data with the help of data to be added to the start date/time (year, month, day and so on)
+ Show detailed information of an entered date/time
+ Change system time with the ability to return to the old system time
+ Save calculated data as a text file, or in the clipboard as a number of values as well as a user defined template
+ Calculate all the data considering leap years
+ Calculate from the year 1754 through 9998
+ And many more...


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