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$24.95 USD
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Calculators Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
32MB RAM, 200MHz CPU, 5MB HDD spcae
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Amebius Review

" Amebius is a handy calculator program for qucik calculation of expressions. "

Amebius is a handy calculator program designed with computer usability in mind, as opposed to just being a clone of your desktop calculator. Instead of using your powerful computer to put a limited simulation of a calculator on-screen, Amebius instead allows you to use your computer to its greater potential. Amebius can evaluate expressions written in the form a human is used to. You just write 1/(2+3*(5-4)) and press Enter - Amebius will take the priority of operators and parentheses into account and give you the correct result. Amebius supports the standard mathematical operators, the exponent operator, the bitwise operators, the integer division operators and about 50 mathematical functions such as power, ln, sin and others. Amebius is designed for quick access - just press the hotkey or click the icon in the system tray (the area near the clock) and the Evaluation window is before you. Amebius is optimized for comfortable and quick work without using the mouse: you can open the Evaluation window, evaluate the expression, copy the result and close the Evaluation window without moving your hands away from the keyboard. Evaluations have never been so fast before! The Evaluation window in Amebius can be transparent so that you can see documents behind it while typing the expression. Each evaluated expression is saved to the evaluation history that you can access by pressing just one hotkey. The evaluation history is retained between the sessions so you can tomorrow use expressions evaluated yesterday.


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