Mathematics Suite 1.0.4


Software Specifications

Mathematics Suite Screenshot
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5.96 MB
License [?]:
$4.95 USD
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Calculators Software
Frequency Software Limited
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
30-day trial

Mathematics Suite Review

" Three maths applications in one suite. "

3 Mathematics Applications for 1 Price: Factor Calculator, Prime Number Calculator, and Primality Tester.

All applications feature:
- Dream requency "no-frills" style as described by editor,
- Listed on The Math Forum @ Drexel (University) for Middle School, High School and College, ages 6+,
- Small application window allows simultaneous use with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.,
- Audio confirmation; they beep,
- Sits in system tray until needed for ease of use.

* Factor Calculator - Calculate the factors of any number with a single click or key press. Notices prime numbers, see screenshot. No confusing instructions, if you've read this far you already know how to use it, and only two buttons, one of them small.

* Prime Number Calculator - Calculate the prime numbers between any two limits with a single click. It uses a deterministic test and the Sieve of Eratophenes logic. Displays the result in decimal and binary stars.

* Primality Tester - Test any number for primality with a single click. It uses a deterministic test and uses the Sieve of Eratophenes logic. Beeps high if prime and beeps low if has factors.


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