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Vocaboly Software
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Vocaboly Review

" English vocabulary learning software for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT and more. "

Vocaboly is a learning software for English vocabulary, especially for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT test takers, through many learning methods, including test and game, the hard memorization will be much easier and more efficient, especially lots of fun.

Main Features:

[Big Vocabularies]
Vocaboly contains five books: "VOA Special English", "TOEFL", "GMAT", "SAT" and "GRE", more than 12000 words, each word contains meaning, phonetic symbol and pronunciation. You can select the right book according to your purpose and English level.

[Word Cards]
Every book contains eight cards, after you put some words into these cards, you can select a card to study, so you can easily focus on the words what you want to learn.

[Word Difficulty Level]
Each word can set six difficulty level from 0 to 5, the default difficulty level is 0, you can learn the words in certain difficulty level range. combined with word cards, you can easily pick up the words that your are unfamiliar.

[Multi-User support]
Each user has his own study record and software setting, saved automatically when program quits.

[Rich Study Methods]
  • StudyWord Ticker : Display words automatically.
  • Recall : Recall the meaning of the words.
  • Spelling : Spell words by meaning.
  • Listening Test : Spell words according to pronunciation.
  • Multi-Choice : Select correct meaning or word from four choices, the test is generated dynamically, so each test is unique.
  • Memory Game : Match the word and meaning.
  • Star War : A shoot game.


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