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Learn Languages Software
Aydar Hakan
Operating System:
Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
20MB free disk space, Sound card, Microphone
Free for educational, private and non-commercial use only.

Improve Your English Review

" Improve your English with text aloud online dictionary. "

* Listen News in English (VOA, Yahoo AP, BBC)
Listen online Radio & TV channels (Listening Practice)

* Listen podcasts from native speakers (VOA special English)

* Learn pronunciation of words using Microsoft Text to Speech

* Save News to audio file (for ipod etc.)

* It works as an news aloud.

* If you want to aloud any document on your computer only select text and copy it. Improve Your English gets selected text from your clipboard and speaks it for you.

* If you want to look up any word on anywhere, select the word and copy it, Improve Your English gets definition of the word and shows definition of the word in the popup dictionary.

* Word reminder mode helps you to move your passive vocabulary to your active memory.

* Adjustable podcast player speed (50% to 200%) for beginners and advanced listener.

* Online English-English Dictionaries (Cambridge& Babylon 18 language) support. (only one click to get definition of words)

* Edit and save news to your computer with their podcasts.

* You can colorize important words in this way colorized words attract your attention.

* Add important word to your "My Words" dictionary to list and memorize them.

* Place your word to your active memory (Long Term Memory) using "Fun With Words"

* Listen and replay word game

* Oral replay with Microsoft Speech Recognition game

* Find words from their meaning game.

* Find meaning of the words game.


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