LingvoSoft Basic Talking Dictionary English <-> Spanish for Pocket PC 2.5.88


Software Specifications

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1.63 MB
License [?]:
$9.95 USD
Last Updated:
Learn Languages Software
Operating System:
Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
2.5 MB memory
10% of the word database available

LingvoSoft Basic Talking Dictionary English <-> Spanish for Pocket PC Review

" This is a talking dictionary with a 40,000 words for you and your friends. "

This LingvoSoft English <-> Spanish Dictionary for Pocket PC provides bidirectional word translation and synthesis of speech in both English and Spanish.

The ability to pronounce words in two languages is the distinguishing feature of this software translator. You don't have to check the transcription, merely select a word and with one touch make the speech synthesizer pronounce it for you. The synthesizer (Text-to-Speech engine) is built on innovative formant synthesis, which creates vocal simulations by modeling the sounds of natural human tongue.

The LingvoSoft Dictionary Basic English-Spanish for Pocket PC has the following features:

* Overview of all the dictionary entries in the Main List.

* Includes transcriptions for English entries

* All translations of a selected word are displayed in the Translations List.

* Pronunciation of all listed English and Spanish words

* Quick search function: just start typing a word in the Input Line and words beginning with such letters will appear on the screen.

* Quick reverse translation for proof of correct understanding.

* The list for word memorization: the application stores selected words in the Filtered List ensuring easy access to them

* Search function works for any symbol sequence as entered.

* MorphoFinder function helps you find source words (headwords) for English and Spanish past participles, gerunds, plural forms, and adjective forms

LingvoSoft Dictionary Basic - is a compact, fast and easy to use talking dictionary. This is a budget version - a perfect quick reference on your Pocket PC, it takes up little memory and offers 40K+ words, which is more than most paper pocket dictionaries. Perfect, for those going abroad.


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