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Windows 2000 Windows XP
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Declan's Korean FlashCards Review

" A systematic Korean vocabulary learning system. "

Declan's Korean FlashCards is a fully configurable Korean vocabulary flash-card program. The program has been designed to help students learn a large number of Korean words as quickly as possible in a systematic but simple way. Words are organised into Lists and the flashcards and exercises are undertaken on the basis for these Lists.

The program comes pre-installed with a number of Lists and others can be downloaded from the Declan Software Word List archive and installed manually. Lists can also be imported from tab-delimited list files created externally using a word editor or a spreadsheet application. The program also provides a List export feature that allows students to share with others Word Lists that they have created. Users can themselves create new Lists and add new Words.

In addition to the Word and the Word's definition, a sound recording of the Word can be included, as well as an example, an example meaning and a recording of the example. All of these Word elements can also be edited interactivity.

The program includes a number of exercises which help with the memorisation of Words and test a student's progress. Exercises include Korean multiple choice, English multiple choice, listening multiple choice and a word/definition connecting exercise. The program also allows the creation of Custom Lists which group existing Words based on criteria specified by the user. Options allow Custom Lists to be created on the basis of selected Lists, Word types, and Exercise scores.

Creating a Custom List on the basis of exercise scores allows the user to gather together into one List those Words that low exercise scores indicate need further attention. Students can then concentrate their efforts on the Words in this Custom List.

Large Lists can be also learned based on a Learning Window. By turning on the Learning Window feature, the student can, at any one time, concentrate on a smaller sub-set of the larger List.


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