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Open Source
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E-books and Literature Software
Kovid Goyal
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Unix Mac Linux Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
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calibre Review

" Manage and organize your ebook collections with a single, free and easy-to-use application. "

calibre is a powerful yet easy-to-use utility application to manage and organize your ebook library. It supports a variety of ebook formats including PDF, EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle) and reading devices.

calibre comes with a useful ebooks editor that allows you to create, edit, convert and read ebooks. The editor comes with a live preview and shows you the HTML and CSS used internally inside the ebook. It is also built-in with automated cleanup and tasks fixing tools.

Key Features:
  • Books Organizer:
    • Add books
    • Edit metadata
    • Convert books
    • Read books
    • Get books
    • Remove books
    • Mark books
    • Fetch news
    • Search books
    • Group books by metadata fields
    • Change the look and feel with icon themes

  • Books Editor:
    • Convert all ebook formats to Microsoft Word files including images, text styles, embedded fonts and tables.
    • Reports tool to show summaries of files, images, links, words, characters and styles used in an ebook
    • Spelling checker with built-in dictionaries
    • Live CSS panel to show you all the style rules
    • Add snippets (small pieces of reusable text) into text
    • Viewer supports touch screens on tablets
    • Live preview of changes
    • Compare books to show differences in text, styles and images after editing or converting
    • Checkpoints allows you to save the current state of a book and revert if you don't like the change made
    • Advanced search and replace functions
    • Automated tools to fix HTML, remove unused CSS rules, smarten punctuation, embed reference fonts, add a cover and edit table of contents
    • Extendable features with plugins


If you are using Windows XP, please download calibre 1.48. calibre 2.x is incompatible with Windows XP.



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