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Roxie's Reading Fish Review

" The only reading software your child needs to get started reading today. "

Roxie's Reading Fish offers an enjoyable 3D animated set of reading games in which children easily learn basic, high-frequency words from the pre-school age to late-second grade level.

Parents and teachers can record their own words, and create word lists for use in the game, greatly extending the educational value and the age-level of the product.

In Roxie's Reading Fish, Roxie, a friendly, animated, talking cat, plays "Go Fish" with a child, but, instead of asking for a number, asks for a word from a list of over two hundred basic, high-frequency words, which were chosen with the aid of reading specialists in education. Roxie gently guides the child in selecting the correct word card.

When a "Go Fish" game is completed, Roxie then sets up a "memory" game. To play, the child needs to find pairs of words and patterned tiles. When a match is made, Roxie will say that word. The words used are all words from the next reading level. In this way, the child painlessly begins to learn the next set of words he or she will encounter in the next levels of the game. When they reach the next level, they already have some familiarity with those words, and learn them much more quickly!

Roxie's Reading Fish is used in schools and libraries in the U.S. and Europe.


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