Speak it - Spelling Bee 1.0


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$9.99 USD
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Reading and Spelling Software
Brenaige Co.
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

Speak it - Spelling Bee Review

" The best spelling teaching tool in the world. "

Are you tired of giving your children spelling tests after they say they studied their words ... and then finding out they really didn't study, or still don't know the words?

Here is the program that parents and their children will truly love.

Features Include:

- The ability to enter in 30 words per test.

- The ability to enter in help words explaining the word to your child. Just in case their teacher gave them two words that sound the same. (blue and blew) The program will say please spell the word blue as in the color blue or please spell the word blew as in the tree blew in the wind.

- The ability to save as many word lists as you want. So your child can take their tests when ever they want to or when ever you want them too.

- At the end of the test it grades your children's performance telling him or her 19 out of 20 correct then the program will tell them which words they got wrong on the test.

- At the end of the test the program will tell your child to type each word they got wrong 10 times each. And if they spelled one or more wrong it will erase the wrong word and make them type the word correctly until they spelled each word 10 times correctly.


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