Time Logger 1.2


Software Specifications

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1.20 MB
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$15.00 USD
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Time Tracking and Billing Software
Cassiel Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Not available

Time Logger Review

" Designed to make the job of filling in your time sheets a no-brainer. "

Time Logger 1.2 is designed to make the job of filling in your time sheets a no-brainer. It records the time you spend on your activities and then presents you with a summary timesheet for the current week or any week since you started using Time Logger 1.2. From the moment you login until the moment you logout, Time Logger 1.2 runs hidden in the background without obstructing your other apps, counting time for your current task. Switching tasks couldnt be more simple or quicker. Pop-up a list of your activities at any time with a single Alt key combination, then select the new activity with a single mouse click. Time Logger is designed to be used in parallel with your formal time sheet system if you have one. Export your weekly timesheet data via the clipboard to any office app or your employers timesheet system.

We all make mistakes so Time Logger 1.2 includes log-edit and back-track features to allow you to make any adjustments to the recorded activities you like. Forget those Monday morning blues trying to remember what you were working on last week. Use Time Logger 1.2 and show your boss exactly what you really spend your time on.

Who is it for?

- Time Logger 1.2 is useful for anyone who needs to keep an accurate record of their activities.

- Typical users are professionals in project or multiple client environments.

- Time Logger 1.2 installation does not require administrator privileges so anyone can use it.

How long does it take to configure?

After installing, spend 5 minutes upfront to define activities specific to you. After that it only takes a few seconds switching tasks whenever you change activity.

How do I use it?

Simply login as usual when you start work each day and logout at the end of the day. In between, pop-up the task switch window, by default with Alt-1, whenever you move onto a new activity or client. Browse your timesheet at any time and optionally export the data to any MS Office app or your formal timesheet recording system.


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