Religious Suite 3.0


Software Specifications

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9.28 MB
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Not available
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Specific Businesses and Industries Software
Operating System:
Mac Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
25MB RAM, 25MB hard drive
Not available

Religious Suite Review

" Manage an unlimited number of members with this program. "

The Religious Suite provides a full range of membership management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of members. You can track Membership, Finances, Donations, Day Care Center and the Deceased Records.

Features personal and family pictures in records, custom searches, custom fields, keywords, donation charts, built-in reports, an intuitive report editor, an easy to use interface, and much more. Religious Suite offers the following features:
- Contact and demographic information for individuals
- Family membership tracking
- Committee membership tracking
- Church events and attendance
- Donation tracking and reporting
- Automatic charitable tax receipt printing
- Pledge tracking
- Church contact listings (with addresses and phone numbers)
- Church directories and membership lists
- Multi-user security with user name and password
- Track Classes and Day Care operations at your location
- Track Deceased Members in your Organization
- Print Member Information, Labels and Reports
- Quickly store and retrieve information often over looked
- Find data and design custom reports
- Protect confidential information
- Easily maintain discipleship and visitation
- Coordinate staff efforts and eliminate work


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