Interactive Resume Builder 2004.6

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$15.95 USD
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Resumes and Job Searching Software
Higher Math
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
.NET 1.1, IE 6
Not available

Interactive Resume Builder Review

" Resume with hyperlinks. HTML/Word/text/clipboard for web site/email/job boards. "

Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math helps you to document your job assignments, skills and training. The result is a beautifully laid out interactive html file with hyperlinks to important information about your career. Suitable for posting on your own web site but, even if you don't have a web site, the resume is completely contained in one file that can easily be sent via email to colleagues and prospective employers.

* Output is in HTML/Word/text/clipboard formats. Easily posts to job boards.
* Unlike the HTML exported from word processors, it is laid out like a web page and contains working hyperlinks to information vital for getting you the attention you need.
* Your resume will not be a simple, boring recitation of your job assignments. Instead, it is interactive. People looking at your resume will not be able to resist clicking on its hyperlinks to see summaries of your work experience in various categories, such as Positions, Tools, Training, and Education. You will be able to create your own categories that best describe your job experience. Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math makes it possible for you to create a simple, attractive yet richly interactive resume in html.
* The finished resume can reside on a web site, be sent via email or posted to job boards. Your data is encapsulated in the widely recognized XML format, making it easy for employers and job shops to extract the most relevant data and incorporate it into their searchable databases. The resume is created dynamically from the data when it is loaded into the browser.
* To create your resume, you don't need to deal with word processors, html, xml or javascript. All you have to do is enter information for each of your job assignments.
* Make it the basis of your own personal web site.
* Dozens of pages of career and resume-writing advice and samples.


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