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$490.00 USD
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Project Management Software
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Windows 95 Unix Mac Windows 98 Linux Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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PHP 4.3.0, MySQL 3.23
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Issue Tracking Review

" Web based application which allows you to manage workflow and track process. "

WebAsyst Issue Tracking is a web-based software tool which was designed to meet all your requirements, pertaining to automating your business process. During this process all the necessary information, documents and tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules- workflow.

Features you will like:

ISSUE LIST arranges issues within a certain project, depending on what status they are given (In progress, Done, To Check, Complete). All issues are grouped by projects and tasks for you to know exactly what area should be covered and when.

ADDING ISSUES: Whenever you need to add issue to the project at hand choose this feature. While adding issue you can specify the following options:
- Priority
- Assigned person
- Status(defined by workflow)
- Issue Description
- File attachments(unlimited)
Using Save and Add Another button enables you to add multiple issues sequentially. Your issues will not come unnoticed due to the Notification Sending feature. Each time a new issue is added, email notification goes to assigned person.

CUSTOMIZABLE WORKFLOW: Customize your workflow for your projects in a full compliance with your business process. Control the states of your workflow and transitions between these states (In Progress, Done, Complete).For each state you can specify default assignee, allowed transition, color and other options.

FILTERS: Numerous issues in your database can be sorted out by means of filters to meet specific conditions and make your issue list look neat:
- Open Issues(not completed)
- Issues that have been added Today, Last Week, X days ago
- My Issues(created by me or assigned to me)
- "Forgotten" issues; which are not changing status for a certain period of time etc.
Furthermore you can create your own filters with your preferences taken into account or else you can modify existing ones.


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