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$39.95 USD
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Microsoft Office Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
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Office 2000 or newer
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PowerForms Review

" Increase your productivity by automating Standard PowerPoint presentations. "

PowerForms is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that takes the work and uncertainty out of creating and filling in standard PowerPoint presentations. Working from within the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint interface, PowerForms makes it easy to create new presentation models, modify existing ones, and fill models with the appropriate information. By standardizing and automating your standard presentation processing, productivity increases, printing expenses decrease, and errors become less and less frequent.

PowerForms uses a simple, intuitive interface. All of your model presentation creation and filling takes place within Microsoft PowerPoint. Indicate the parts of the presentation that contain variable information. In minutes, you'll have a standard presentation that can be used consistently throughout the office.

To fill in a presentation model, simply click the PowerForms icon on the PowerPoint toolbar. The program keeps all previously entered values, so you can select and reuse them with a single click. When you have entered all of the data, the presentation can be saved, printed, and treated like any other standard PowerPoint presentation.

Who Needs PowerForms?

You do, if you've ever:

* Wanted to delegate updating a standard presentation to an assistant, but weren't convinced that it would be changed correctly
* Sent a presentation out with the wrong company's information or terms
* Wanted a better way to maintain your company's brochures, proposals and other presentation, but didn't want to take the time to install - and learn - yet another program
* Wanted to streamline and eliminate repetitive work
* Tried using "Replace" to maintain different versions of your important presentations

Benefits of PowerForms:

* Easy to learn, because you are using Microsoft PowerPoint for most of the work.
* Flexible and powerful, because you can use any PowerPoint presentation as a model presentation.
* Fast creation and filling of standard presentations.


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