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$99.00 USD
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Information Organizers Software
Zoot Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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486MHz processor, 128MB RAM
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Zoot Review

" An Information Processor for professional writers and researchers. "

Zoot is an Information Processor used by professional writers, researchers, journalists, scientists, physicians, lawyers and other computer users who must process large quantities of information. Zoot offers a highly efficient process for collecting, reviewing and labeling raw information so that:
- It can be found quickly and easily.
- It can be classified and prioritized.
- It can be viewed in meaningful timeframes and contexts.

With Zoot you can send information from any Windows application directly to a Zoot database; no need to copy and paste information back and forth. If you're working with a web browser, Zoot even captures the URL so you can return to the site at a later date.

When you send information to a Zoot database it can be manipulated in a variety of ways:
- You can assign multiple folders or have Zoot assign folders automatically based on rules.
- You can add reference notes (annotation).
- You can assign a due date and set reminders.
- You can prioritize, color code, categorize and enhance with a host of built in database fields.
- You can create your own custom database fields.

Zoot also offers a faster, more flexible way to manage Microsoft Outlook data. If you're having trouble managing high volume information streams arriving from various sources (e-mail, Web, newsgroups, RSS, etc.), Zoot can help. Zoot synchronizes with any Outlook folder type (Tasks, Contacts, Notes, Mail, etc.).

You decide which Outlook folders you want to manage with Zoot and synchronize only those folders. The way to manage information overload is to process information as it comes in so that it doesn't pile up into an unmanageable heap. Zoot was built from the ground up to help you quickly process information as it arrives so you can take advantage of the information in a timely manner.


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