dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 1.00


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$149.95 USD
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Databases Software
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Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
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.NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0
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dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle Review

" Tool to compare and sync Oracle schemas. "

dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle is a powerful schema comparison and synchronization tool for Oracle databases. It can compare multiple database schemas at once, completes the comparison process in seconds, provides a clear grid to analyze differences, and generates an update script for accurate further synchronization.

dbForge Schema Compare provides an accurate way to compare and synchronize schemas between different Oracle versions. You can compare as many schemas as you need at once and select required object types for comparison.

Key features:

* High performance of comparison
Usually schema comparison and synchronization process is time-consuming, but dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle completes it two times faster then other comparison tools do.

* Compares wide range of object types in Oracle databases
dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle allows you to compare the following principle object types:
tables, views, functions, procedures, packages, triggers, sequences, synonyms, user types (object types, collections types), XML schemas.

* Compares schemas in multiple documents at once
Unlike most schema comparison tools, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle has ability to compare schemas in multiple documents at once.

* Generates schema comparison reports
When schema comparison process is completed, you can generate HTML and Excel comparison reports to keep records of schema changes.

In addition, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle can work without Oracle client, generates SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization scripts, saves schema comparison settings for the next usage, and has a convenient UI.


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