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$39.95 USD
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Accounting Software
Plan 2 Win Software, LLC
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Windows XP
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10-day trial.

Account Plan 2008 Review

" Create an Account Plan in half the time. Take the guess work out of planning. "

Create an Account Plan quickly, and take the guess work out of Account planning. We can cut the time in half, and create a more effective Key Account Plan.

Create strategies to build stronger ties with customers and land new accounts.
Our software helps sales reps by working through important tactical questions about customers, prospects, markets, and goals. The software is less than the cost of two books on sales technique. Yet unlike the books, this tool will get you to immediately act. It unifies the reporting across a sales team. With P2W, each sales rep's plan follows the same format and framework.

Our wizard-based application transforms the time-consuming planning task into something far more productive. Yet the software isn't magic. The results are only as good as the user's thoughtful responses. By forcing the sales person to think differently, we help to create a superior seller. Plan2Win software was designed to improve selling strategies and boost profits. Our method is simple. Our software pushes sales people to think analytically, methodically and strategically about their industries, their selling techniques and their territories. More importantly, we make them think in new ways.

The application walks the user through a series of questions that are fundamental to any sales person's success. Our planning software asks questions about contacts, customers, competitors and geography. And it asks questions we know most sales people have little time to consider. By working through the answers, sales reps gain valuable insight into the way they do business. Bottom line: Our software helps sales teams build smarter, stronger account and territory plans in a matter of a couple of hours (less than half the time normally) - and at a cost less than a round of golf or a dinner out with clients.


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