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Hendler Flores Law, PLLC

Texas Personal Injury Attorneys
Austin, United States
Firm Established in 1993
901 S. MoPac Expressway, Bldg. 1, Suite #300, Austin, TX 78746, United States
PRACTICE AREAS: Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury See All

Law Firm Overview

Hendler Flores Law, PLLC was founded in 1993 as Hendlerlaw by Scott Hendler to help people who have been victimized by corporate misconduct. Based out of offices in Austin, Texas, our firm represents clients throughout the U.S.

Our practice areas are Catastrophic Injuries, Medical Implants, Mesothelioma, Pharmaceuticals and Serious Car Accidents.

Practice Areas

Automobile Accidents
Personal Injury

Office Location

901 S. MoPac Expressway
Bldg. 1, Suite #300

Austin, TX 78746
United States