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Criminal Law

In United Kingdom, the English common law applies in England and Wales, Northern Ireland law applies in Northern Ireland and Scots law applies in Scotland.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is the highest court for all criminal and civil cases in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and for all civil cases in Scotland.

In England and Wales, one does not have to be admitted to the bar to practice law, but qualifications are required to become a solicitor, barrister or Chartered Legal Executive all of whom are qualified lawyers and have special rights of audience in law courts.

In Scotland, admission to practice as a solicitor is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland while admission to practice as an advocate is regulated by the Faculty of Advocates.

A barrister or an advocate is a referral profession thus members of the public has not direct access, with the exception of barristers in England and Wales within the framework of the Public Access Scheme.

A person who needs to consult a lawyer will have to contact a solicitor first.