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Hi, I have enquiry regard to my nephew, he came to KL with student visa and after a while couldn't afford the expenses so he is overstayed since Dec 2017 he started looking for job but no luck after one year finally went for volunteers job to the boss likes his skill and started training him and also promised to hire him and apply for work permit for him, but Friday caught by police took him to central police and took his phone from him we cannot contact him and his mum is so worried that what is going to happen to him .
He lost his father and has no one to help him .
Please give us a advice that what we have to do helpbhim, he is very young 22 and looking forward to the bright future, since home country is in trouble politically and financially so was the main reason that there is no hope for young generation in our country.
Please assist us .his mum is devastated.
God bless you
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