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Good day. Just needed some professional legal advice concerning on the non-custodial parent's rights. To summarize on my case, my ex-wife has recently filed for a single petition to a divorce in which i have rejected and disagreed on. Upon further consideration on my child's well-being, I have later relinquished the custody over to her as it was quite disheartening witnessing my only child suffers. I hail from Ipoh, whereas my ex hails from Johor. Prior to our divorce initially, my ex has shifted out from the house without informing me and my parents. As such, we have made an agreement on the certain days of when we get to see the child, whilst she was still in Ipoh. It was only recently when she made an abrupt decision to return to JB, that left me in a dilemma as I will be deprived of time to meet my child often anymore. To be precise, I am very much aware of the reason of why my ex has decided to discontinue our marriage, due to her change of lifestyle and needs, though she continuously accused me of being uncaring and unable to provide according to her needs (*lifestyle). I had no choice, but to ignore her accusations and to move on. However, i found out that she had shifted in with another ex-colleague of hers without my knowledge in an apartment, but she denied of his presence earlier when being asked. I am not sure if they were in an affair, but she denied. Recently in Dec, i have requested to spend time with my child in Ipoh, and hope she will consider my child's return for few weeks. But she kept giving reasons and only permitted me to meet the child for only a week instead. FYI, my ex has brought my child back since 3 months ago, and i barely gets to talk to my child. Hope you guys can share your thoughts on my questions below:

1) My child has lived comfortably with my parents since she was a baby, till this year where she will turn 4. Can I still file for a custody battle with her in future, and what would my winning chances be?
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