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Hi I am an English Expat holding MM2H Retirement Status in Malaysia. My wife is from Vietnam and before we were married (July 2017) she had been advised to apply for a PATI Visa to enable her to work in Malaysia. Prior to this application she was on a social visit pass and had not worked or overstayed.She was advised by the Visa Agent to remain in Malaysia to await here PATI application, this she did for 15 months until her mother was taken ill so she asked to be released from the Visa application to return home. She was given a release letter from Immigration at Danga Bay, Johor, and immediately left for Vietnam via KLIA on 30th June 2017. Immigration at KLIA stamped her passport No retrun for 5 years. We have appealed by letter to Putrajaya, what are our chances of success please?
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