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I would like to enquire about a defamation and harasment case.

I have broken up with my ex boyfriend who is now with my sister.

Recently we had an ugly turn when he started telling my sister that he has videos and pictures of me naked that we shared during our happy times. my sister has came to me and threatened to commit suicide if the pictures leaked and asked me to settle it with him. its when he asked me to pay him 10k or he will sue me at the civil court for ruining his marriage (he was married when we met and it was a concentual relationship)

Now, they have taken it to a new level when they have hacked into my phone using some spyware I assume, sending obscene messages to my contact list. I have confided in a few friends and even that is being used againts me as an allegation of defamation.

I am being harrassed by them at every level and every day they find something new to harass me with and never want to leave me alone. I hoped paying the money would make them go away but now they have hacked into my phone to find new evidances and threatening to charge me under civil court of 100k. Can i be sued for having an affair with him and it was concentual? I am very remorseful of what I did.

Please advice what can i do
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