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My Age :- 67++
Internal carbon based motors still function normally
(Regular servicing done on the dot) 👍 
Worked in Central Northern Thailand as Contract Farmer (Vertical Farming) 🌿 
Hv Embraced Taoism all my life 🙏 🙌 🙏
Have an axe to grind with unprofessional Debts Collectors & Divorce lawyers who advocates divorces of couples (without going thru the mediation process). 😡😡😡

Serious Notes :
I am Not-A-Lawyer and is not in the legal services. 🐣
I am penning opinions and personal views based on personal experiences in life.
If readers are not comfortable with my views, please leave out reading my postings forever. 👊
There is nothing to debate or argue about. I do not have time. For Life is short. 🙏
Thank you for reading. 👁
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