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Hello Everyone,
Seeking some advice on what I should do. In 2011, a local bank legally sold my credit card debts to an agency, Aiqon. The credit card limit is RM27k plus late charges interest, it becomes RM40k
I enrolled to AKPK program in 2012 but unfortunately the debt with Aiqon cannot be included to the program. Have tried to nego with the agency but failed because they insists I pay big amount and settle the debt within two years.
It has been three months now since the first hearing at magistrate court KL because the agency request for summary of judgment. Together with late charges interest, they claimed that I owed them RM87k. The book by William Chan really helpful in fighting the case but my chances of winning is slim.
In my reply affidavit, I admitted owing them but the credit limit was 27k so I appeal to the judge to reduce the monthly installment from RM1k (claimed by plaintif) to RM500 monthly for 2.5 years (requested by plaintif) and the balance to be paid in a lum sump and I also requested for the total amount to be reduced too.
In plaintif reply affidavit, they told the court I have nothing to deny so plaintif insists for summary of judgement and the court ask me to submit a reply affidavit.
I have to reply to plaintif and file by 25th Oct 2016.
My question: Can I demand for Aiqon to reveal the amount sold by the local bank? Because I am sure that they received good discount when buying my debt but in the statement, they maintain the same old figure with interest.
Please advice, thank you.
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