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asked on Dec 22, 2014 at 23:30
by   Mahen
Hi Im mahen here.I need some advise for settle my father bankruptcy. He was bankrupt on Jun2010 by affin bank amounting RM58000 for a car loan.Actual principal is RM38000 only.My father sold his car to a use car dealer and the dealer didn't made full settlement with bank.after 2 months my father received noticed from bank and ask him to do monthly payment.He question with car dealer and they mentioned car has been father did police report immediatley and ask the car deler to settle full amount.after that they jus ignore on that and close thier shop and run away.This is happened on 2005 and affin bank filed bankrupted on father is uneducated person and he dont know well about bankrupcty proceeding.He went to court hearing and made bankrupted.Now im as a son planning to take loan under my name and settle my father debts.How i need to deal with bankers especially with affin bank. Need to take any lawyers representive?Total proof of debts filed RM78,000 and my father every month paying RM300 to JIM.PLEASE HELP ME
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