Bankrupt already, what about other debts?

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asked on Dec 20, 2014 at 08:31
by   slpc
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I got to know recently I was made bankrupt in January 2013 by Ambank for credit card debt amount of RM30,000++. This is manageable if there's only one (1) bank but I have credit cards debts with another 8 or 9 banks totaling somewhere RM350,000 which is totally out of my ability to pay.

So far I have only received court action letters from Ambank and indeed they are the one who made me bankrupt. I have moved, perhaps the other banks have sent notices to my primary address but they do have info or record of my secondary address that I am in now.

My question is what about the other banks that I owed?

My last payments and acknowledgement of debts to all these other banks were in 2010. So later in 2016 (more than 6 years), will the Statute of Limitation sets in for these 8 or 9 banks that I owed?

Should I report to Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia (JIM) only after 2016 when the Limitation Act has set in and I probably only have to deal with one bank, Ambank?

Will the Limitation Act still apply after one was being proclaimed bankrupt for the other debts he incurred before bankruptcy?

Really need some good advice from other members in this forum on the course of action I should take for my bankruptcy case.
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