Received...WRIT & PENYATAAN TUNTUTAN from legal firm.

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asked on Dec 3, 2014 at 03:37
by   johorbahru
Dear all sifus..

I just received a registered letter today from RRR Bank's panel lawyer. Attached together with the legal firm's cover letter was the 'Writ dan Penyataan Tuntutan' stating that they had proceeded with legal action against me.

Amount owed is above 50k, so I guess they are proceeding with the bankruptcy order right after obtaining this Judgement.

Here are what I'm a little confused...and need some experts advice and guidance.

1) registered letter was not received and sign by anyone, the postal guy just dropped the letter into my
   mailbox, so does this count as I had received the registered mail?

2) on the front page of the 'Mahkamah' Writ, it only prints "WRIT" and nothing of sort which mentioned here
   in the forums as 'Writ Saman' or anything like it. So is this 'Mahkamah Writ' real?

3) both the WRIT & PENYATAAN TUNTUTAN (saparate copies) does not have any hearing or mentioned dates to
   attend, is this normal? But it does mentioned in the legal firm's cover letter that...
    i) kegagalan memasukkan kehadiran dengan memfailkan Memorandum Kehadiran di Mahkamah KL akan menyebab
       kan Penghakiman Ingkar Kehadiran di masukkan di bawah Aturan 13 Kaedah 1 Kaedah kaedak Mahkamah 2012.

4) Do I need to fill up and return/file in the "Memorandum Kehadiran" to the Mahkamah?

5) How do I apply to transfer all this future 'Hearings' to Mahkamah JB instead of the current 'default'
   Kuala Lumpur or even this Writ Summons?

6) This is my very 1st 'Court Case' and didn't know if I'm able to contest the summons as per suggestions
   here in the forums.

7) Can I just apply for the case to be transfer to Mahkamah Johor Bahru first and decide later if or not
   I'm able to handle the contesting & representing self in court?

8) On top of the "Writ" it has a print of payment RM100.00 with dates and time of payment (I guess)...

To all sifus...please assist me with my questions so as to decide if I can manage to contest this charge myself. Honestly I'm actually preparing to face bankruptcy, but need to understand if my options are viable after founding and went thru some postings here.

I sincerely appreciate all assistance and guidance and hereby thank all in advance. Thank-you sifus!

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