Waran Pengkomitan

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asked on Nov 10, 2014 at 20:55
by   Victim
I have been slapped with a judgement to pay them MYR350 monthly sometime last year. I was not able to pay thus UOB brought me to court again last month. The magistrate ordered me to pay RM3,000.00 before the 20th of this month (November 2014). I was able to secure a loan from an old friend but UOB still wanted for me to pay the amount which had lapsed and threatened jail.

They have sent me a copy of the Draft (which they might thought I might not notice), of a "Waran Pengkomitan" as well as a "PERINTAH PENGKOMITAN" which needs to be approved by the judge. The warrant was dated 14th Oct 2014.

The cover letter goes:
As stated in our client's letter to your good self on 02/11/2012, the honourable Magistrate Tuan XXXXXXXX XXXXXX has issued an order to your good self for the repayment of RM350.00 effective 30/03/2013. The said Order was issued with your presence in court after the honourable magistrate carried out an assessment on your income document. At that point of time our lawyer Puan XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX did inform your good self of the consequences if you ignore the Order after you had agreed to the arrangement. We hereby enclosed our client's letter, Warrant of Committal and Order for Committal for your reference.

As you failed to comply the order, my client has instructed us to pursue Committal Proceeding as you failed to commit to the said order which constitute as contempt of court. On 15/10/2014, the Judge had ordered a five day imprisonment should you fail to pay RM3,000.00 before 20/11/2014. However on the next hearing date, you may be required to pay the total lapsed after taking into account of the said payment required to pay by the honourable magistrate as you had defaulted twenty (20) installments as at October 2014.

In the view of the above, we are offering you a lump sum payment of RM14,000 as full and final settlement before 25/10/2014 and/or payment of RM7,000.00 in full before 25/10/2014 and balance payable by RM350 till full and final settlement.

Yours faithfully,

*** & Partners (comment: not the K and Partners this is an actual law firm)
Attn: Ms. Ng
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