How to declare foreign income?

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asked on Apr 17, 2013 at 18:10
by   a wong
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Hi there,

I am Malaysian. I have been working in Singapore for the past few years. How can I declare my Singapore income? Is there a column in the BE form for foreign income? Can't seem to be able to find any solutions online.

I have a tax file number, I had it last time when I worked in KL. I was told by my friends (who had been working in Singapore for a long time) to declare zero income in the BE form. And I did that.

My husband, he's Malaysian as well. He has worked in Singapore since graduated from Uni, he does not have a tax file number. Recently we purchased a property in Malaysia and now I am worried that would be detected by LHDN and they will come to us. Of course we pay tax in Singapore. What should we do?

Can someone please help?

Much appreciated.
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