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asked on Sep 19, 2013 at 18:54
by   Bullied
Hi Notalawyer,
I am impressed with how you help Bert. I need your help. I obtained an Award from Consumer Tribunal against a Maid Agency for a small sum, less than RM2000. But the Maid Agency bring this to the High Court and put me as 2nd Respondent. They also filed for cost if they win this Judicial Review. They have obtained Leave to file but were late to file. So now, they have filed an application for extension of time to file the Form 110 for Judicial Review and  serve to the respondents, Tribunal and Me. The application is due for hearing at High Court end of next month but I have to file written submission latest by 11 Oct 2013. Pls help
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answered on Nov 9, 2013 at 02:00
by   Bullied
The format for court order- page 54 of William chan's book. So I draft a court order and then file it at the Kaunter Bayaran at the High Court?

I'm just thinking: is this Court Order compulsory or necessary step? What if I don't file a Court Order- will the Applicant still need to pay the cost to me within 14 days from the Judge's oral ruling? Becoz, the Judge did say clearly that if Applicant doesn't pay, the extension of time is off. And the lawyer did call me and inform that his client will prepare cheque. I wouldn't wanna seem too agressive or antagonise the Applicant's lawyer. I'm still waiting for him to email me the missing cause papers.
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answered on Nov 9, 2013 at 12:12
by   notalawyer
You can do Court Order much later.
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answered on Nov 9, 2013 at 16:05
by   Bullied
Do you think it could wait till early Dec? School hol soon. Maybe bring the children go home.
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answered on Nov 10, 2013 at 20:21
by   Bullied
This is the Applicant's preliminary filing for Judicial Review on 30/8/2012 before the Applicant obtain a copy of the Consumer Tribunal Proceeding Notes and Reason for Judgement from the Tribunal. Case no then was different:- 25-195-08/2012. subsequently now changed to 25-135-09/2012.

Relif yg dituntut oleh Pemohon:-
2.1 Suatu perintah Certiorari bagi mengenepikan sama sekali Award bertarikh 25/7/2012 yg diberikan oleh Responden yg menghendakin, antara lain, bhw Pemohon membayar kpd Responden 2 RM1892 dlm masa 14 hari selepas tarikh Award;
2.2 selanjutnya, suatu Perintah Penggantungan terhadap segala bentuk prosiding pelaksanaan berlandaskan Award bertarikh 25/7/2012;
2.3 Sekiranya perlu, perintah dan arahan selanjutnya diberikan;
2.4 Kos dibayar oleh Responden-Responden kepada Pemohon; dan
2.5 Relif-relif lain selanjutnya yang dianggap adil dan saksama oleh Mahkamah.

3. Alasan permohonan ini adalah:-
3.1 Tuan Presiden telah terkhilaf dari segi undang-undang dan/atau fakta dgn memutuskan bhw Pemohon dikehendaki utk membayar jumlah RM1892 dlm masa 14 hari dari Award.

3.2 Tuan Presiden telah secara salahnya membenarkan tuntutan Responden 2 walaupun kedua-dua Responden tidak berhak menuntut sebarang jumlah kerana Responden 2 telah pun menerima bayaran dpd Pemohon sebanyak RM5880 atas budi bicara Pemohon. Ini kerana Responden 2 tidak berhak membuat sebarang tuntutan kpd Pemohon sejajar dgn Surat Pengakuan tersebut.l

3.3 Tuan Presiden telah secara salahny membenarkan tuntutan Responden 2 walaupun Responden 2 tidak berhak menuntut sebarang jumlah tuntutan Responden 2 kpd Tribunal adalah sama sekalin tidak berasaa dan tidak mempunyai sebarang merit kerana pembayaran bagi mengembalikan kos Responden 2 telah pun dilakukan sebelum tuntutan Responden 2 dibuat kpd Tribunal.

3.4 Tuan Presiden telah khilaf dlm meneliti kos hangus sebenar sebagaimana Surat Pengakuan Pengambilan Pembantu iaitu RM2450. Namun Pemohon hanya mengambil kos hangus sebanyak RM2184 sahaja.

3.5 Tuan Presiden telah secara salahnya memmbenarkan tuntutan Responden 2 kerana Tuan Presiden seharusnya mengambil kira surat pengakuan pengambilan Pembantu di mana Responden 2 telah mengesahkan untuk tidak mengambil sebarang tuntutan terhadap Pemohon setelah selesainya proses pertukaran majikan dengan jabatan-jabatan berkaitan.

4. Oleh demikian Pemohon berhak untuk memohon Mahkamah yg Mulia ini utk suatu perintah yg spt dipohon di dlm Permohonan bagi Semakan Kehakiman yg difailkan bersam-sama ini.

Dilampirkan bersama-sama ini adalah Surat-Surat Pengakuan Pengambilan Pembantu yg ditandatangi oleh Responden 2 yg bertarikh 15/2/2012 dan 27/2/2012 sebagai ekshibit dan ditandakan sbg TCE 2A & TCE2B.

6. Responden 2 telah membayar kos sebanyak RM10,214 bagi pengambilan 2 Pembantu Asing, di mana Pembantu Asing 1 adalah tidak bersesuaian oleh itu Responden 2 telah diberikan pengganti yg baru. Namun pengganti Pembantu Asing yg baru tersebut telah melarikan diri setelah selesai proses pertukaran nama Majikan iaitu  Responden 2 kepada Jabatan Imigresen. Dan proses tersebut telah pu diluluskan pada tarikh 26/3/2012. Dikembarkan di sini Akuan Permohonan Tukar Majikan bertarikh 22/3/2012 dan kelulusan bertarikh 26/3/2012.

7. Di dlm surat pengakuan ekshibit TCE 2B, Responden  2 mengesahkan beliau bersedia utk membayar kos hangus pihak pemohon berjumlah RM2450 dan tambahan lagi Responden 2 tidak akan membuat sebarang tuntutan terhadap Pemohon setelah selesainya Proses pertukaran majikan;

8. Selaras dgn kejadian tersebut, maka pihak kami memulangkan kembali kos yg telah dibayar oleh Responden 2 bagi pengambilan Pembantu-pembantu Asing tersebut setelah ditolak kos hangus yg telah diserahkan kepada Jabatan-Jabatan.

Note: TCE 2A and TCE 2B are standard letter that has similar contents but for 2 different maids, AND WITHOUT any LETTERHEAD of the Maid Agency, contents as follows:-

Saya..... No IC....... telah mengambil Pembantu Rumah Asing bernama....... yg memegang Paspot Nombor ..... dari pada tarikh.... Saya membawa PRA ini ke rumah saya utk percubaan sama ada PRA ini maupun saya dan keluarga bersetuju untuk mengambilnya bekerja.

Jika PRA ini tidak sesuai dgn keluarga saya, saya setuju membayar RM50/hari kpd pihak Agensi mengikut bilangan hari PRA ini bekerja di rumah saya.

Sekiranya berlaku PRA ini menghilangkan diri dari rumah saya, maka saya akan bertanggungjawab atas PRA ini (membuat repot polis) dan saya juga bersetuju membaya jumlah sebanyak RM2450 (Levi+Fomema+Sitabond+JP Visa+Yuran pengendalian Indonesia) kpd pihak Agensi serta upah RM50/hari tetap akan saya jelaskan kpd pihak Agensi.

Setelah proses penukaran majikan selesai di Imigresen Malaysia, saya tidak akan membuat sembarang tuntutan terhadap pihak Agensi berkaitan apa-apa perkara berkenaan PRA ini. Saya faham bhw saya adalah majikan kedua kpd PRA ini dan mengikut syarat Jab Imigresen Msia setiap PRA hanyalah dibenarkan utk tukar majikan sekali selepas bekerja dgn majikan kedua.

The maid agent verbally explained that the RM2450 cost is ONLY IF the maid ran away during the trial period, not after confirmed period. Also, RM50/day is only charged if I did not confirm the maid.

However if I confirm the maid, then RM50/day will not be charged BUT the maid's monthly salary will run from the first day she works for me, in this case RM600/ mth. Also, the last paragraph does not mean that I will have no further claims against the MAID AGENCY if the confirmed maid runaway. I am still entitled to 3 mths warranty against runaway. It only means that I cannot change maid anymore if this maid does not perform as this maid CANNOT CHANGE Employer anymore AS I AM HER 2ND EMPLOYER and according to the law, MAID CAN ONLY CHANGE EMPLOYER ONCE. In fact, after I gave the Agency the Police Report, they allowed me to choose another biodata - this time a Filipino, only thing is that this candidate was not supplied with the excuse that she failed in her medical report, so cannot come.
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answered on Nov 10, 2013 at 20:53
by   Bullied
I believe subsequently they amend or there was additional alasan introduced into the Alasan Permohonan as there were 4 times case management dates in 2012 and 1 time in 2013 before the leave approved date hearing in front of the Judge. The amendments could be as follows:-

Details of payment:-
(i) Pembayaran Responden 2 bagi pengambilan PRA:-
    15/2/12 PRA 1    RM10030
    27/2/12 PRA 2    RM184
    Jumlah kos Responden RM10214
(ii) Kos upah gaji PRA1 utk 11 hari RM50x11=RM550
(iii)Kos upah gaji PRA 2 32 hari RM50x32=RM1600
(iv) Levi            RM426
     Fomema          RM164
     Proses yuran    RM150
     Caj handling Indonesia RM1000
     Jumlah Kos Hangus      RM2184

Maka kos yang dikembalikan oleh Pemohon kpd Responden 2:-
  Kos bayaran PRA          RM10214
  Tolak kos upah PRA1      RM550
  Tolak kos upah gaji PRA 2 RM1600
  Tolak kos hangus          RM2184
Jumlah yg dikembalikan      RM5880

Refunded amt RM5880 on 20/6/2012 vide cheque dated 24/5/2012.

Refer kos hangus sebenar RM2450 but Pemohon hanya ambil RM2184 sbg kos hangus.

So, tuntutan Responden 2 di Tribunal tidak berasas.

My remark: obviously the RM2450 as referred to the standard form that I signed (TCE 2B) is not relevant in this matter. Else why they calculated RM2184 and not RM2450? The maid agency is not so kind-hearted. The RM2184 is related to another form (also without letterhead) that I signed for both maids concerning how the lump sum of RM10030 was derived for Maid 1 and RM9664 for Maid 2 as follows:-

Maid 1
Pembantu: Siti Nurfahdilah
Gaji: RM650/bulan

Per: Maklumat Pembayaran

Yuran Agensi                      5880
Pendahuluan Gaji (4 bul 16 hari)  2947
Levi                               435
Fomema                             166
JP Visa                            452
Yuran Prosesan                     150
Jumlah                            10030

Dipersetujui oleh,


Maid 2 (ranaway)
Pembantu: Sri Wahyuni
Gaji: RM600/bul

Per: Maklumat Pembayaran

Yuran Agensi                     5880
Pendahuluan Gaji (4bul 10 hari)  2600
Levi                              426
Fomema                            164
JP Visa                           444
Yuran Prosesan                    150
Jumlah                           9664

Dipersetujui oleh,

No IC:
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answered on Nov 10, 2013 at 22:13
by   notalawyer
Have they paid you RM1892 award?
If not, you could make them scared and distrust their own lawyer by pushing to execute on the RM1,892 award before they file Form 110.

Lawyer: Hi, you need to pay another RM 1,892 to the guy plus my fees RM X,XXX
Agency: I thought you said pay RM 1,000 only!
Lawyer: Yes, but now the guy threaten to execute the Tribunal Judgment early.
Agency: Can we block the execution?
Lawyer: There is not enough time and it will cost another RM4,000 legal fees to try apply for a Stay of Execution.
Agency: #$#@#$%&?*?@#**!!!
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answered on Nov 10, 2013 at 23:14
by   bullied
I thought they already applied for a stay of execution pending this Judicial Review. I called up Bahagian Penguatkuasa Kementerian Perdagangan dalam negeri. The person in charge said they will only procecute in the Magistrate court for th RM1892 once the outcome of this Judicial Review is rejected or I win. So how to  ask them to pay the RM1892 now?
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answered on Nov 10, 2013 at 23:19
by   bullied
Dear Notalawyer,
How to push to execute the RM1892 now? Do I need to file something and serve on the Applicant's lawyer to make it look real?
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answered on Nov 11, 2013 at 01:00
by   notalawyer
I thought they already applied for a stay of execution pending this Judicial Review.
Applying for something doesn't mean you have got it.
If you apply for a Pub licence, can you open a Pub immediately?
If they have a stay, they will/should serve you the Stay Court Order.

I called up Bahagian Penguatkuasa Kementerian Perdagangan dalam negeri. The person in charge said they will only prosecute in the Magistrate court for the RM1892 once the outcome of this Judicial Review is rejected or I win.
Don't talk to people who don't know what they are saying.

Call the Tribunal and ask them how to get a Court Order (Perintah) for your win.
It is possible that they give you a letter which you then pass to the Magistrate's Court counter to allow you to get a Sealed Court Order from the Magistrate's Court. ( you prepare the Court Order as per William Chan's book, they seal it for you )
Send a copy of the Sealed Court Order to the lawyer by Registered Post and ask them to pay within 7 days or else...  Post your draft letter here. ( Important to word it correctly )
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answered on Nov 11, 2013 at 01:30
by   Bullied
I will call the Tribunal tomorrow. But the last time I called them, the legal officer told me this "once the case goes to Judicial Review, it is off the Tribunal's hands."

The Judge said 14 days for them to pay, means deadline is 20 nov. Else grant of extension of time is off. So, if I change to 7 days, the Judge may have issue with it.

The I. O. at Bahagian Penguatkuasa said he will check with his Boss tomorrow on what next. He said maybe they can call the Applicant if she would want to withdraw her applic for Jud Review and instead pay the $1892 now. However, the last time he called the Applicant, he was told coldly to deal with her lawyers.
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