need advise, am i already bankrupt?

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asked on Feb 27, 2013 at 18:07
by   shasha
good day to you all,
i have a problem which need advise. recently i check my CTOS report and found out that there is bankruptcy notice issue to me dated 26/04/11. i did not receive any notice post to me probably because i did not leave with my parents anymore. last time i have a car and due to some problem i not able to pay causing the car to be auction in year 2010. i have receive summon on that on year 2009 but receive it late because the letter reach my hometown.
the question is now, am i already bankrupt? do i need to see JIM? or do i need to go bank to bank which issue the bankruptcy notice and negotiate the payable amount? i have a good job now, dont want to loose it just because of this. if i have to pay, then i will pay, provided that the monthly pay is within my limit. thank you.
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