Aiqon Capital Debt Purchase: Is it true they bought the non-performing loan from my bank?

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asked on May 4, 2012 at 17:45
by   ex credit card user
edited on Jun 11, 2016 at 03:21
Debt purchase allows clients to sell their debt portfolios directly to Aiqon Capital, which becomes the owner of the debt portfolio and seeks to recover any outstanding monies from the defaulting customer

- from Aiqon Capital website -
I got a call from Aiqon saying that I owe them because their company bought my non-performing loan (NPL) account from SC bank. So is it true because my Standard Chartered credit card NPL account now claims by them? Anybody got same case with me? I can't afford to pay as I am only paid RM500 - RM600 per month and I don't have any fix job.
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answered on Jan 30, 2018 at 16:05
by   Solutions
edited Feb 20, 2018 at 17:05
Hi Dear Friends,

First of all we would like to inform that we not supporting anyone over here. We just drop by here to give some solution on your question.

Each transaction done by financial institute must have black and white, which have to inform the account holder if they done any changes on our account as stated on the agreement.

If bank sold our debt to third party companies they should have black and white letter on this transaction. Try to get the letter from the institute or company calling you. Bring the letter and verify with the bank.

Don't make any payment till received proposal from the third party company. Once received the proposal please try to bring the proposal to particular bank and verify with the bank manager. Once everything confirm then only make the payment. If found any fraud information from the company just bring the proposal and launch police report and complaint to BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) because we have strong proof on our hand which was sent by the company to us.

Our understanding is that the release letter will be received within 14 days from the payment settlement date.

Thank you.
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answered on Jan 30, 2018 at 23:49
by   jeff005
edited Feb 20, 2018 at 17:06
If bank sold our debt to third party companies they should have black and white letter on this transaction.
A court order has to legitimize this type of "Sale", not only B&W from the bank!
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answered on May 30, 2018 at 18:51
by   KSudan
edited Jun 6, 2018 at 05:33
I am going through similar situation as well. No proper black and white letter stating breakdown of my total outstanding etc. When asked been pushed around from the company to their lawyer etc. If someone in similar situation have found a better way to deal with SCB direct/more transparent manner, please share. Thanks.
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