Overseas Malaysian recently declared bankrupt need help

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asked on Oct 13, 2011 at 23:10
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I am currently oversea and just discovered am declared a bankrupt and blacklisted when I checked at web. I did try to communicate with Insolvency Dept without firm answer. They only ask me to come back to see him. So here I wish fellow Malaysian can give me some useful tips. I was declared a bankrupt while am still in oversea (working hard to save money here).

Can I still travel between ASEAN countries if I am a bankrupt and my passport blacklisted?

Have anyone actually being blacklisted when overseas and still travel within ASEAN without problem?

Hope someone (bankrupt/blacklisted) in my shoes before and able to advise me whether I can travel freely within ASEAN countries before coming back Malaysia?

Also, Today Star News mentioned this..
Alias gave the assurance that those who stole and misused blacklisted passports would not be able to leave or enter the country.

“Once blacklisted, we will also send the information to other Asean countries and Australia with which we have an understanding on the matter,” he said.
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