I left Malaysia and moved abroad with unpaid debts. Can I travel back to Malaysia?

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asked on Sep 29, 2011 at 17:30
by   sonny
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At the high of recession in 1998 I lost my job and money in the stock market. I did owe various banks some money for my credit card. After prolong unemployment and many survival jobs, I left the country in 2003 for employment oversea. Have not return to Malaysia since then.

My mother is getting old and of poor health, I just hope to visit her. I don't earn much OS as a cleaner and odd jobs, but I would like to arrange to pay my outstanding in installment if I could.

My dilemma is if I contact them they can institute legal action against me. Or maybe they have already done so? Is there away for me to find out? Can the bank take action against me now if they have not done that before? Your advice appreciated.
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