Jabatan Insolvensi-to revert adverse record in Bank Negara

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asked on Sep 12, 2011 at 11:26
by   Jabatan Insolvensi

   My papa have settled all debts with my creditor. They filed bankcruptcy petition against him at that time before I settled (I understand it is not real bankcruptcy stuff). The creditor said the case is settled now.

   Now my papa went to a bank to open new bank account, the bank said the bank system has bankcruptcy record against him.

   My papa went to bank negara Penang. The officer doesn't want to accept any documents from him except the letter of insolvency as evidence. Then, My papa went to Jabatan Insolvensi in Penang. The officer check hisI.C. and found out from the system that there is NO bankruptcy appear of his name.

   What should we do now? How to clear my papa's adverse record in Bank negara so he can open new bank account??? He is about to travel overseas in 1 months time. Will it affect him to travel too?
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